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Quad Bars

quad-bar-cat2.jpgTwo design innovations make Norbert's Quad Bar Systems the most practical and functional apparatus of this type. Our multi-user bar trainers feature four independently adjustable rails with a range of settings from 6" to 60" so they can be used to develop anything from pirouette and handstand skills to blind changes, hip circles and pullovers.

Four standard 6' or 8' uneven bars span distance between quad center and satellite modules Special fittings on uprights allow fine rail width adjustments while virtually eliminating binding.

Complete System consists of zinc-plated steel uprights that bolt securely to floorplates or concrete anchors (not included), finished steel fittings with snaplock/turnpin combination fasteners and standard fiberglass uneven rails.
Uprights only are also available for purchase to use with your existing rails.

4 section Quad Bar Mat Systems can be used with any quad bars using standard 6' or 8' rails and are available in both 4" and 12" configurations. ­

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