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Deluxe Folding Jumbo Inclines

jumboincline.jpgNorbert's Deluxe Folding Jumbo Incline Mats are f­illed with prime 70 ILD polyurethane foam topped with a layer of firm 1.25" crosslink polyethylene foam­ to provide plenty of "punch back" for handsprings.  Covers are made of tough 18oz viny and close with sturdy nylon zippers permitting easy foam replacement whenever necessary.

Heavy-duty 2" wide webbing handles are permanently attached to all Standard Folding Jumbo Incline Mats for your convenience, enabling them to be more easily transported.;

Any incline can be manufactured with hook and loop fasteners at no additional cost.

All Norbert's Deluxe Folding Jumbo Inclines are supplied in random colors unless otherwise requested.

When folded, Deluxe Folding Jumbo Incline Mats do double duty as super spotting blocks (please see individual item listings for dimensions)­

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